White-sillagor’s diary


1month and 1week passed

Canadian are really nice. Here are what I experienced this week.

First, I and some friends got lost when we walked around Queen Elizabeth Park.
We wandered Main St, then old female came to us and tried helping us. But while we were talking, two guys whose looks were strong came to us also, we felt sort of scared at first sight. But kindly they led us to nearest station. It took about 20min and right after they realized we are student, they tried to talk with us as practice English. I asked "why you guys so kind to us?" They answered that "we were also student long ago, and we decided to live here as immigrants. And luckily we're living around here." With smiling.
I'll never forget about these guys and I wanna behave like these guys as a person who is living in Vancouver.

Second, a man tried to pick up an artist along the street, finally he found his taste's girl.
But she rejected it politely. He was gentle until say goodbye to her.
I was amassed because he even found there is no possibility to get her, his behavior was exquisite to the end.

Third, I went to soccer ground also that day. I thought they prepared for playing soccer.
So, I asked that are you gonna play?

However they were about to leave there in fact.
But all of them played soccer for me even though they're exhausted for long time playing soccer.

Almost everything is okay...almost.
What if I could have more sense of English. I wrote every time about it.haha

Although I know every students have a different background of English, it is hard for me to take stand that other friend level up faster than me even if they came our class after me.

These days I think I'm being lazy.
I need to put more effort into not only studying but also having fun.

I spent weekend studying and relaxing at home. But weather was awesome both of days.

Host parents asked "what did you do this perfect weekend " I answered "nothing special " then they said "if you waste such a nice weekend again, I will kick u out!haha"
I learnt the importance of sunny day in Vancouver.

Almost 1month passed

It was a great surprise to me that my Japanese friend send me messages.
I've never thought getting touch with Japanese friend is the thing makes me relieved.

Almost 1 month passed.
I'm enjoying my life.
From last week I started taking part in soccer after school. And I also went there today. At first, I hesitated to join in with because I don't know anybody and I'm not so good at.
But, those guys were awesome. When I asked "Can I join?" They said "sure " .
And when I played well or got score, they celebrated me by giving me five.
Moreover, Despite the fact I got a leg cramp, they came to me immediately and helped.
I'm going to continue to taking part in.

Recently, I'm mad about eating super spicy Korean noodle. It's cheap and nice.
I tried 4 kind of that, all of them are really nice! But my stomach seems to want me to stop eating them unfortunately.

From third week, I started to hangout with some friends after school because there is still energy for fun! Some places were little bit pricy and I was not satisfied with that quality. On the other hand, some were really nice! Especially pizza which I ate at outlets nearby 22nd street was amazing. Worker were also super nice. So I paid with 20% of tips.

This weekend, Taiwanese friend invited me to go Granville island.
Weather was not good same as usual,though, I could spend good time there. In particular, eating fish and chips was the best moment because I haven't eaten fish at all nearly 1 month!
Maypole beer was also nice and cheep.

Although my life getting better, I still have difficulty in studying English.
I know I have to be patient.
But I am supposed to do homework of course , I want to spend time for listening English, I want to revise the content of class, I want to memorize all vocabulary which I wrote down, I want to read articles written in English, I want to hangout and...
I mean I can't make times for doing these things. This is the biggest problem.

And also after getting back from school, I am tired.

All I need is to deal with these problems.



Don't forget not to be too serious and take a rest, me.


24days passed

I'm writing this my 24th day of Vancouver. I'm getting better gradually, but still having hard time in terms of studying English. I think I need to be patient for now. Because it doesn't make any profits even if I go somewhere and try to understand everything everything everything about English. I know being brave is good thing and try something on my own is also lovely. But it requires preparation for it. And I have a lot of time for studying English in Vancouver. Who thinks do it everything in a hurry.
Then, what should I do right now. As far as I consider, to acquire the knowledges must be done for now because I don't have proper base for speaking and reading.
Making proper base enables me to do everything in English absolutely.
After I get these bases, I can hear and understand because I know the words what people say, I can respond for it because I know the words how to respond their statement , I can read any article because I know the words appeared in the sentences.....whatever.
There are millions of way to learn English and each of them have a goodness for someone particularly. From my experience and the things I felt about English so far, this is the very way for the first step to have a good command of English.
Of course just memories the words is awkward. But as Denjiro Sensei said at TV program, we need to do awkward something for doing what I really want to do. There must be time to overcome by making efforts. Though I'm writing what I'm thinking at this long sentence, I don't know what is a right. This process will help me when I am down on my knees some day. There are no way except for believing myself.

2 weeks studying English abroad

2weeks have passed.
I'm struggling to live here.
Right after school, I fall asleep. Not enough energy left for fun.
Even though I go out somewhere, I can't catch nor understand what people said.
Having times at school is my favorite time.
I don't deny learning English is really fun tho, now I'm sure it takes a time to realize my ideals. All l can do for my ideals are just make an effort to realize it and keep on believing.
I hope it'll feel better when I write a diary next time.

At weekend, I don't have friends to hung out with so far, there are no way to go out with someone. Actually in this weekend, I invited a Korean female friend because she speaks English really well and I wanted try some Korean restaurants around downtown . But she had an another plan for that day. Then, I invited a Brazilian friend to go sightseeing. He is nice guy and he speaks well also. For that reason I invited him. Unfortunately, he caught a cold. Finally I didn't have any person to go out with. Of course,there were the choices to invite Japanese guys because I know some Japanese people in Vancouver,but it doesn't make benefits I thought. Therefore I went to Stanley park by myself. I didn't have...I didn't try to make conversations because of my shyness and afraid of being Embarrassing. So, after getting home I made a small conversation with My host mother. It needed to be brave because I didn't talk with someone that day.
Eventually I spent 2 out of 3 holidays at home. Mostly I watched YouTube in Japanese , watched ted talks , the videos about how to live and study at Vancouver and so on.
Before I leave Japan I told my self "use English from dusk to dawn " but, honestly that is nearly impossible for me . I realize that my lack of English grammar, vocabulary, idiom stuff like that.
I don't mean making up a excuse for being lazy, if I couldn't make themselves understood, if I couldn't hear, catch and understand what people say we can't make conversation. These reasons rob me of ambition.
But, I'm doing what I can do for now.
I'm making "vocabulary note" and do homework (including extra homework) listening the ted talks, to answer every questions teacher gave us ( now I don't have any fears to making mistakes during class.).
I hope these things pay off finally.