White-sillagor’s diary


24days passed

I'm writing this my 24th day of Vancouver. I'm getting better gradually, but still having hard time in terms of studying English. I think I need to be patient for now. Because it doesn't make any profits even if I go somewhere and try to understand everything everything everything about English. I know being brave is good thing and try something on my own is also lovely. But it requires preparation for it. And I have a lot of time for studying English in Vancouver. Who thinks do it everything in a hurry.
Then, what should I do right now. As far as I consider, to acquire the knowledges must be done for now because I don't have proper base for speaking and reading.
Making proper base enables me to do everything in English absolutely.
After I get these bases, I can hear and understand because I know the words what people say, I can respond for it because I know the words how to respond their statement , I can read any article because I know the words appeared in the sentences.....whatever.
There are millions of way to learn English and each of them have a goodness for someone particularly. From my experience and the things I felt about English so far, this is the very way for the first step to have a good command of English.
Of course just memories the words is awkward. But as Denjiro Sensei said at TV program, we need to do awkward something for doing what I really want to do. There must be time to overcome by making efforts. Though I'm writing what I'm thinking at this long sentence, I don't know what is a right. This process will help me when I am down on my knees some day. There are no way except for believing myself.