White-sillagor’s diary


2 weeks studying English abroad

2weeks have passed.
I'm struggling to live here.
Right after school, I fall asleep. Not enough energy left for fun.
Even though I go out somewhere, I can't catch nor understand what people said.
Having times at school is my favorite time.
I don't deny learning English is really fun tho, now I'm sure it takes a time to realize my ideals. All l can do for my ideals are just make an effort to realize it and keep on believing.
I hope it'll feel better when I write a diary next time.

At weekend, I don't have friends to hung out with so far, there are no way to go out with someone. Actually in this weekend, I invited a Korean female friend because she speaks English really well and I wanted try some Korean restaurants around downtown . But she had an another plan for that day. Then, I invited a Brazilian friend to go sightseeing. He is nice guy and he speaks well also. For that reason I invited him. Unfortunately, he caught a cold. Finally I didn't have any person to go out with. Of course,there were the choices to invite Japanese guys because I know some Japanese people in Vancouver,but it doesn't make benefits I thought. Therefore I went to Stanley park by myself. I didn't have...I didn't try to make conversations because of my shyness and afraid of being Embarrassing. So, after getting home I made a small conversation with My host mother. It needed to be brave because I didn't talk with someone that day.
Eventually I spent 2 out of 3 holidays at home. Mostly I watched YouTube in Japanese , watched ted talks , the videos about how to live and study at Vancouver and so on.
Before I leave Japan I told my self "use English from dusk to dawn " but, honestly that is nearly impossible for me . I realize that my lack of English grammar, vocabulary, idiom stuff like that.
I don't mean making up a excuse for being lazy, if I couldn't make themselves understood, if I couldn't hear, catch and understand what people say we can't make conversation. These reasons rob me of ambition.
But, I'm doing what I can do for now.
I'm making "vocabulary note" and do homework (including extra homework) listening the ted talks, to answer every questions teacher gave us ( now I don't have any fears to making mistakes during class.).
I hope these things pay off finally.