White-sillagor’s diary


1month and 1week passed

Canadian are really nice. Here are what I experienced this week.

First, I and some friends got lost when we walked around Queen Elizabeth Park.
We wandered Main St, then old female came to us and tried helping us. But while we were talking, two guys whose looks were strong came to us also, we felt sort of scared at first sight. But kindly they led us to nearest station. It took about 20min and right after they realized we are student, they tried to talk with us as practice English. I asked "why you guys so kind to us?" They answered that "we were also student long ago, and we decided to live here as immigrants. And luckily we're living around here." With smiling.
I'll never forget about these guys and I wanna behave like these guys as a person who is living in Vancouver.

Second, a man tried to pick up an artist along the street, finally he found his taste's girl.
But she rejected it politely. He was gentle until say goodbye to her.
I was amassed because he even found there is no possibility to get her, his behavior was exquisite to the end.

Third, I went to soccer ground also that day. I thought they prepared for playing soccer.
So, I asked that are you gonna play?

However they were about to leave there in fact.
But all of them played soccer for me even though they're exhausted for long time playing soccer.

Almost everything is okay...almost.
What if I could have more sense of English. I wrote every time about it.haha

Although I know every students have a different background of English, it is hard for me to take stand that other friend level up faster than me even if they came our class after me.

These days I think I'm being lazy.
I need to put more effort into not only studying but also having fun.

I spent weekend studying and relaxing at home. But weather was awesome both of days.

Host parents asked "what did you do this perfect weekend " I answered "nothing special " then they said "if you waste such a nice weekend again, I will kick u out!haha"
I learnt the importance of sunny day in Vancouver.