White-sillagor’s diary


Almost 1month passed

It was a great surprise to me that my Japanese friend send me messages.
I've never thought getting touch with Japanese friend is the thing makes me relieved.

Almost 1 month passed.
I'm enjoying my life.
From last week I started taking part in soccer after school. And I also went there today. At first, I hesitated to join in with because I don't know anybody and I'm not so good at.
But, those guys were awesome. When I asked "Can I join?" They said "sure " .
And when I played well or got score, they celebrated me by giving me five.
Moreover, Despite the fact I got a leg cramp, they came to me immediately and helped.
I'm going to continue to taking part in.

Recently, I'm mad about eating super spicy Korean noodle. It's cheap and nice.
I tried 4 kind of that, all of them are really nice! But my stomach seems to want me to stop eating them unfortunately.

From third week, I started to hangout with some friends after school because there is still energy for fun! Some places were little bit pricy and I was not satisfied with that quality. On the other hand, some were really nice! Especially pizza which I ate at outlets nearby 22nd street was amazing. Worker were also super nice. So I paid with 20% of tips.

This weekend, Taiwanese friend invited me to go Granville island.
Weather was not good same as usual,though, I could spend good time there. In particular, eating fish and chips was the best moment because I haven't eaten fish at all nearly 1 month!
Maypole beer was also nice and cheep.

Although my life getting better, I still have difficulty in studying English.
I know I have to be patient.
But I am supposed to do homework of course , I want to spend time for listening English, I want to revise the content of class, I want to memorize all vocabulary which I wrote down, I want to read articles written in English, I want to hangout and...
I mean I can't make times for doing these things. This is the biggest problem.

And also after getting back from school, I am tired.

All I need is to deal with these problems.



Don't forget not to be too serious and take a rest, me.